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Golden Vases Cup & Saucer

Tender branches in the golden vases adorn this exquisite Vorobyevsky masterpiece. This is wonderful, bright and shiny item, it is a real treasure. Each cup has the unique number and it is a collectible item.

Hen w/ Yellow Chicks

Porcelain Figurine. - Size: 1" x 1" x 1.5"
$34.00 $20.40

Morning Cup and Saucer

Take a moment and serve yourself your favorite tea in this beautiful cup. This Vorobyevsky masterpiece has been painted in vigorous and fresh style, great start for your day!

Mouse baby #1 Albino on all fours

Porcelain figurine - For Animal Lovers, Size: 1'' x .5'' x 1.5''
$25.00 $21.50