Fantastic Butterflies

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Fantastic Butterflies Cup & Saucer

It takes 10 days to make the basic form of this cup and 4 days for the artist to paint it. 22 carat gold is used for decoration. The cup has Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (LFZ) logo at the back.
CAD$ 1447.85 CAD$ 1190.30

Fantastic Butterflies Tea Pot

Fantastic Butterflies Tea Pot is an exquisite and unique item that will impart a luxurious touch to your collection.
CAD$ 1461.24 CAD$ 1242.05

Fantastic Butterflies Tea Set for 6 (30pcs)

Fantastic Butterflies Tea Set is a genuine masterpiece of Russian Porcelain. The design for this tea set was created under the influence of the services made for Catherine The Great at the end of 18th century.
CAD$ 13760.01 CAD$ 12517.96