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Beethoven Coffee Set for 6, 15 pcs

Design bordering on artistic sculpture, fine porcelain and top-notch handicraft, that’s what sets apart this luxurious Tea Set dedicated to the genius of the musical history, Ludwig van Beethoven.
CAD$ 1573.30

Butterfly Tea/Coffee Set for 6, 16 pcs

The world’s famous designer, academic painter Blanka Matragi, dedicates her invention and skills not only to fashion but also to the design of original jewellery and various accessories. The cooperation with the masters resulted in the designer’s Tea/Coffee Set "Butterfly".
CAD$ 1269.38

Dvorak Coffee Set for 6, 15 pcs

Antonín Dvořák has become another famous historical figure who inspired this china artwork.The baton, drawing neat curves in the air and giving the right expression to the new melody, was the inspiration for the china set, with which author wanted to pay homage to the genius of the Czech music.
CAD$ 1482.03

Golden Thun Coffee Set for 6, 21 pcs

The “Golden Thun Set” has been produced for over 160 years, still using the same procedure. Regarding the demanding production, the Thun Set belongs to the top representatives of luxurious, custom made porcelain, produced only by Atelier JM Lesov.
CAD$ 2574.26